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Since the inception of Max Credit, our prime focus had been on personal loan. However, with time, we diversified and started offering and focusing on Pay Day Loans Singapore. Our rates are competitive and have been considered by our satisfied customer to be a lot more attractive than other industry players. Over the years, we have successfully emerged as one of the most reliable in the industry and hence most people prefer to apply for loans from us. From Instant Approval Personal Loans to Housing Loan Singapore you can get different types of loans from us. Some of the types include Emergency Cash Loans, Fast Cash Personal Loans, and Home Loan Singapore. Most people may wish to compare the rates offered by different money lenders in Singapore; you may do so from a variety of sources from the internet to personally calling up individual companies.

When it comes to searching for a trusted moneylender in Singapore that works with utmost integrity, Max Credit is the name you can completely trust. We have been in the money lending business from quite some years now and with a lot hard work have earned a reputation of being one of the most preferred money lenders, especially when it comes to personal loans. Though our spotlight remained on giving a personal loan, but over the years we have diversified and are offering other types of loans, like foreigner loan and payday loan, as well. Max Credit completely understands how badly a customer may be in need of cash, which is why we dont hesitate to give a fast cash loan that comes with instant approval. Adding to the trustworthiness are our highly competitive rates, which are the best in the industry. We have become a reliable source in Singapore when it comes to applying for almost any kind of loan. The success graph Max Credit has climbed can be assessed by the number of loyal customers we cater to every single year when it comes to applying for a loan. Our experienced staff is always at your beck and call, and will assist you in a way that will help you take a decision without any hiccups.

Licensed Moneylenders

Max Credit, a trusted moneylender in Singapore, is always ready to meet your financial needs. The main objective of our company has always been to serve customers with complete integrity, while maintaining a friendly approach. Being a licensed moneylender, we offer an array of loans, like personal loans, business loans, emergency loans, home loans, foreign loans and payday loans, to name a few, to help you during some financial crunch. As a premier moneylender, we make sure that loans are approved within 24 hours for our customers’ convenience. The services that we provide at Max Credit are high on quality and delivered on time.

Customer Assistance

Our staff is very experienced and offers the best possible solutions after assessing a customer’s situation and need. We take complete pride in the services offered, which don’t exploit the borrower, but ensure that they get a loan at the best possible rates. Max Credit completely understands that financial needs vary with each individual, which is why our competent management takes extra pains to discover their real needs after assessing the loan application. Having earned a name as a one of the most trusted moneylender in Singapore, Max Credit has helped many individuals during a state of financial crisis by providing quick loans. We not only lend money, but invest smiles on the faces of satisfied customers.
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